Tapp Nation Chameleon Pre-Fletched .003 Arrow

Tapp Nation Chameleon Pre-Fletched .003 Arrow

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Our latest addition, the new Chameleon is unlike other factory fletched arrows on the market. The Chameleon is an accurately indexed, weight and spine matched arrow one arrow at a time in our shop!

  • Chameleons are made of a 3K proprietary carbon weave material to our specifications. 
  • All Chameleon Arrows are priced without components so you do not have to buy what you dont need
All Custom Arrows & Bare Shafts Are:
  • Tested to Verify Straightness
  • Tested to identify the stiff side & indexed
  • Cut and squared on both ends
  • Each of your arrows are fletched on a single Firenock fletching jig
  • We use proprietary adhesives for components and vane
  • The label is extremely easy to remove with the tip of a box cutter blade
Guaranteed Arrow Specifications:
  • Straightness - +/- .003 
  • Spine Deflection Variance +/- .010
  • Adjusted Spine Deflection .218"
  • Weight Variance - +/- 2 grain 
  • Grains Per Inch - 9.2 gr
  • Fletched with Vanetec 3.15 Swift Vanes

Double Tapp Insert Specifications

  • Length: 4.25 in 2 Piece 
  • Increases insert adhesion strength by 400%
  • Made of high grade 6061 aluminum
  • Available Weights: 92 or 110 grains
  • Optional Ethics Archery Stainless Steel 100, 125
  • The Insert System Is Guaranteed To Never Come Loose


  • It is the buyers responsibility to verify nocks are installed correctly prior to shooting the. Tapp Nation Archery is not responsible for arrows that are placed on the bow with nocks that are not oriented incorrectl
  • We do not make Ravin Specific arrows, if you choose to use our arrows on a Ravin bow you take full responsibility should it void your warranty or the bow is damaged or injury occurs.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 December, 2018.