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In 2003 we pioneered the process of indexing shafts at the Pro Shop level using a custom built RAM Spine Tester and over the years refined the process to create some of the most consistent and accurate Pro Shop build Custom Arrows available today.

Every arrow building tool in the shop from the arrow square to the arrow saws have been customized to make them more accurate and efficient. You may pay a bit more for our arrows but you get more than you pay for, simply put we set the standard others try to follow! We have developed the most comprehensive build process in the industry,

All Arrows & Shafts Are:


  • Hand tested to verify factory specs, identify the stiff side & indexed
  • All arrows and bare shafts are cut and squared on both ends
  • Factory specs are spot checked to verify they meet advertised specifications
  • All inserts are squared on a custom arrow squaring jig upon customer request for bare shafts!
  • We spot check inserts on a regular basis using a custom arrow squarness gauge
  • All arrows are fletched on a single Firenock fletching jig for improved accuracy
  • Proprietary adhesives are used on all components and vanes
  • Our current custom arrow build time is a minimum of 10 and could take up to 21 business days at peak times. Bare shafts ship in 3 to 5 business days and Pre-Fletched crossbow arrows ship in 1 to 3 days
  • Note if you would like weight matching we only offer the service if we install inserts or points. It is very time consuming to sort bare arrow shafts by weight and keep the spine matched